Thursday, February 25, 2010

Civil Society Coaltion on Oil in Uganda (CSCO):

A number of civil society organisations (CSO’s) are working to ensure positive outcomes of the recent oil discoveries in Uganda. These organisations are working both nationally and at a sub-regional level in oil-affected districts; focusing on a range of different issues of concern as described below; and using a number of different approaches, including research, advocacy, partnership approach, information dissemination and capacity building.
The coalition upholds the goal of the Oil and Gas Policy for Uganda (February 2008), which seeks to "ensure that the use of Uganda’s country’s oil and gas resources contributes to early achievement of poverty eradication and creates lasting value to society". Section 7.3 of Uganda’s Oil and Gas policy recognizes the important role civil society organizations play in ensuring responsible petroleum development particularly through their contribution in ensuring accountability and enabling the ‘voices of the poor’ to be heard.

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